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Our retail management solutions is perfected to efficiently handle large order volumes swiftly while simultaneously tracking customers needs and requests.

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Do Your Products Have
A Short Shelf Life?

Our stock indicator helps you to take quick decisions by instantly notifying you of underlying stock levels in the entire inventory system. We offer real-time notifications on inventory levels empowering you to make data-driven decisions, optimise inventory and deliver excellent customer service. By using this feature, you can maintain the right stock levels, avoid stockouts and minimise costs, ultimately contributing to the overall success and efficiency of your business.

Increase shopping time by conveniently splitting shopping cart and payment counters.

Be in control of
your business

Owners app lets you access to important information related to your shop like top selling products, least selling products and more decision making observations. ElintPOS sweet shop software critical information on your fingertips to give you full control of your business.


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Ecommerce Setup

Get a fully functional website along with your catalogue
to take your business online and make more sales.

Support Services

We help you with technical complexities in day to day working.With our customer friendly experts. Our dedicated account manager helps you implement best business practices.

  • *Configure Solutions to Suit your Business
  • *Trouble tickets
  • *Customized Modifications with In house IT Support

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